We launched a brand new website!

Our team is our most important part of our marketing effort. Our website and other online properties are next. And quite frankly, our previous website needed some enhancements. 

A Fresh Design

This new design is clean and modern. Every aspect of the design puts emphasis on what matters: content. We took our time to sharpen our logo, pick the right fonts, and layout each page. The website not only looks beautiful but it also makes browsing easy for our visitors.  

A Dedicated Property Page

Every single real estate website has two things in common:

  1. they use the same content from the MLS and
  2. each listing has competing properties on the same page.

We wanted to do something different. Each listing on our new website has a dedicated page. This page has unique content and beautiful images. Furthermore, we won't list your home and show a similar home to website visitors. It's our goal to sell your home!


Finally, what good is a website if it doesn't work on an iPhone? Roughly 41% of the visitors to our old website used a mobile devise. The good news is that our new design looks amazing on every single platform.

Over the coming year we're going to continue to improve our online presence. We're so happy to have this new design to help you buy or sell your home. It's our goal to keep Golden Key as the premier real estate business in Middle Georgia.