Are you getting ready to sell your home? You probably have a thousand questions. Let's be honest, selling a home isn't easy.

Don't worry! Golden Key is here to help. And before you give us a call, here's a few things you can do to get started:

1. Get organized!

Properties have a ton of paperwork. Find all the documents you have on the house from the time you purchased it to today. 

2. Pretty-up the Front

Your house will be worth more and sell faster if you can give it a facelift. We're not saying do anything drastic at this point. Instead, just do the basics like repairing the mailbox and getting the yard in order. 

3. Garage Sale

You may have to invest some money to get the house ready to sell. A garage sale will help you get some of the funds you'll need. Furthermore, an agent will recommend decluttering your home. Even if you don't sell too many things, a garage sale will get your belongings inventoried and in order. Finally, a garage sale will ensure you won't be paying to move things you don't want in your next home.

4. Store Unique Items and Valuables

Strangers will be walking through your home. You'll need to protect valuables. But some buyers may not appreciate some of your unique decorating items. 

5. Clean!

What can we say? Clean bathrooms and kitchens are critical. Scrub, vacuum, wipe, dust, and etc. Get'er done. 

6. Pet Plan

Dogs and cats add a challenge to the home selling process. Potential buyers don't want your puppy licking them. They may not like a cat cuddling up on their leg as they walk around your home. You'll want to have your pets crated, in the garage, or even at another person's home. 

7. Let Your Friends Know

You're not the only person to sell a home. Your friends and family will be the people that will help you throughout the process. They'll have advice and lend you a hand.

After you've gotten started on this list, contact us. Golden Key can help you identify what's important and profitable. We also can recommend professionals that will make your home worth it's most value.