About Ava

Having long pursued home-improvement and interior decorating as personal passions, Ava added real estate licensure to her teaching credentials in 2013, joining the Golden Key team as a professional Realtor. Since then she has used well-honed skills in publications & marketing to aid her clients--abilities sharpened as an awarded business communications instructor and active Macon campus leader in her previous career at Central Georgia Technical College.
Ava is the ideal agent to market and sell an "ordinary" home or any property that has languished on the market previously. Her strong suit is an eye for details that can change buyer perspective. Online photographs will attract--or deter--prospective buyers, so vacancy and/or dated decor pose challenges for selling even the nicest of listings. To attract showings, Ava styles & stages for free and can transform "blah" or "dated" into "ahh!" and "raving!"
Call Ava to analyze your selling situation; she'll collaborate on a "doable" prep & marketing plan and will ask your permission to "TCOB!" Then she'll get hands-on and leave you worry-free!  If your property is already stunning, she'll capture that beauty, target the market, and have it SOLD in no time!
Shop with Ava as a Buyer and you’ll never feel you’re “a bother.” She understands the importance of finding the right place to call “home” and enjoys the relationships forged in the search as much as the thrill of the find! She’s equipped to negotiate effectively for you at offer time. If desired, she can offer ideas to improve form or function of any aspect of the chosen home that is less than ideal. Ava’s the kind of agent who works WITH and FOR you, every step of the way!